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Technology and Accessories ( Water boilers and tanks )


In the production of tubular heating elements we apply Kanthal technology as well as Kanthal machines and wires.

Standard parameters

  • Wattage (depending on use)   from  50W up to 6 000W
  • Voltage                                     from  24V  to 600V
  • Tube diameters                        F 6,5 mm ; F 7,0 mm ; F 8,5 mm
  • Maximal length                         4 000 mm

Flanges and other accessories

The basicfixing elements for immersion heaters are threaded flanges  5/4" , 3/2" or 2" or threaded sleeves M14x1,5 or M10x1,25. They are used for liquids and also for air (gasses).

Typical flanges and sleeves

G 2" G 3/2" G 5/4"
threaded flanges

M10 x 1,25 M14 x 1,5

threaded sleeves

(Fig) Electrical terminals - connectors

Heater's bare electrode  Ø 2,2 mm

Male pin connector

Male angle double-pin connector

Angle pin connector

M4 thread connector + wire-clip and screw

Eye connector  Ø 4

  M6 screw connector

PVC or silicone insulated flexible copper cord

Flexible bare steel cord

On customer's request (e.g. for work in high humidity) electrical terminals can be hermetically protected.

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