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IR heater ( Heaters for bathroom radiators )


IR heater is withdrawn from production. As an alternative we offer H+ model

Heater selection

Operation manual – Installation:

  1. Install the radiator on the wall.

Do not install the heating element above a tub or a wash basin.

2. Installation of the heater in a radiator

3. After removing the 2-part head cover flange, screw the heating element to the radiator by means of an appropriate wrench (size 22).

A special gasket on the head facilitates setting the controller housing in a frontal position. The conical gasket does not have to be tightened until resistance is felt. It usually takes 2 turns to ensure tightness of connection.
After screwing the heating element in, install the cover flange. If the heater is to be incorporated into a central heating radiator, use a tee.

4. Electric or central heating radiator


 safety valvesafety valve

5. Connect the heating element to 230 V power supply.

  • The mains socket must have an earthing pin. Have the installation carried out by a qualified electrician.
  • This equipment requires RCD protection with rated residual operating current not exceeding 30mA. This equipment must be connected to circuit protective conductor (earth)
  • The heater is switched on by means of the thermostat/programming unit which wirelessly communicates with the control system located in the heater housing. To ensure a proper operation it is required that the path between the thermostat and the IR receiver in the heater housing is not obstructed.
  • To set the heating level, the thermostat must accurately measure the ambient temperature. Since the temperature probe is installed inside the thermostat/programming unit housing, it must be located:
    - centrally in a room,
    - on a wall, shelf or a piece of furniture, in an easily accessible place, at the height of approx. 1.5 m,
    - far from heat sources (chimney stacks, direct sunlight) and away from draughts (windows, doors)


Each object obstructing the path between the programming unit and infrared receiver in the heater enclosure disturbs the transmission.
The best communication conditions are provided if the programming unit is located opposite the heater. Before attaching the thermostat to a wall, carry out the communication TEST (as described below)

6. Starting

Before the first start remove the battery protector. To do so, lift the programming unit's cover (use a screwdriver), remove the battery protector and close the cover (the display will show the readout of the ambient temperature)

Communication test.
Set the control knob to X. Press the right button for 5 seconds,until H601 1:00 (default settings menu) is displayed. In order to start the communication test, press OK three times. The function CF03 TEST will appear. Having selected the mounting position for the programming unit, start for infrared communication test. When the TEST function is displayed, the programming unit (controller) sends a signal to the receiver (heater) every three seconds. X will appear for a while. Make sure that the signalling lamp on the heater flashes with each programming unit signal. Perform this observation for at least one minute. The proper operation of the entire system is guaranteed only when the result of the communication test is positive (the signalling lamp on the heater enclosure flashes every three seconds). If the communication is correct, complete the final mounting of the thermostat/programming unit. The subsequent functions (CF01 and CF02) are additional functions and may be skipped in this phase. In order to exit the initial settings mode (CF01; CF02; CF03), turn the control knob to any position. Mounting the controller

Wall mounting

Open the programming unit cover and remove the batteries. Mount the thermostat by means of screws and bolts (distance between axes: 60 mm). Following programming unit installation, reinsert the batteries paying attention to the proper polarity.
Close the cover.
Mounting on the assembly base (option)
By using the assembly base supplied with the heater, the programming unit can be located on a shelf.

STARTING AND OPERATING THE UNIT – download the operation manual by clicking "DOWNLOAD" tab


Manufacturer's guarantee covers period of 24 months from the date of sale, but not longer than 36 months from the date of the heater production
The manufacturer defects occurred during this period will be repaired at the manufacturer's cost or the unit will be replaced with a new one with the same parametres. Complaints are considered within 14 days of their receipt.
The Guarantee does not include:
Damaged termal fuse (working without water)
Use of product wihtout reference to the attached instructions
Any visible damage of the heater and controller resulting from misuse
Damage to the manufacturer's seals terminates the guarantee
Warranty card must be legibly filled out at the point of purchase
Any modifications of the warranty terminate its validity
The warranty is valid only with a bill of sale Manufacturer:


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