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GT heater ( Water boilers and tanks )


GT type heaters with 5/4” or 3/2” orifices are designed to heat water in boilers and other vessels. 

Construction of the heater:

tubular heating element soldered tightly to the threaded head and temperature adjustment system with a capillary thermostat. These heaters are equipped with a three wire power supply cable with a "Unischuko" type double protective pin.

Additional protection – thermal protection.

Material characteristics:

  • protective tube: copper
  • orifice: steel

heating element and orifice nickel-plated

  • insulation: MgO (magnesium oxide)
  • coil: Kanthal wire
  • regulator housing: white

General characteristics of heaters:

  • working environment: water
  • electrical connection: "UNISCHUKO" plug cable.
  • supply voltage: 230 V.
  • fastening method: R 5/4'' or 3/2” orifice (orifice seal included)
  • operating temperature: adjustable up to 85OC

Water heating elements with a thermostat. Nickel-plated, encased in a copper tube, steel orifice. Capillary thermostat regulator. ABS housing.

type length thread electrical parameters
GT 1.5 300 R 5/4'' 1500 W/230 V
GT 2.0 340 R 5/4", 3/2"* 2000 W/230 V
GT 3.0 440 R 5/4", 3/2"* 2x1500 W/230 V

* - on request only

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