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  1. GE or HE heater testing takes too much time (LED is blinking continuously).

    This situation could take place if the heater has been reset (i.e. power outage) and heating water temperature is still high (due to central heating operation). In that case remove the heater from the mains 230V (for as long as central heating radiator is on) or turn one of the central heating system radiator valves off (to make water temperature inside that system radiator lower).
    Then the heater will be able to carry on testing (see Instruction for Use; page 11).

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  2. Which heating elements can I buy from you ‘now’ and which do you make on order?

    The heating elements listed under „Regular sale offer" are available in our warehouse
    („BUY NOW"). In order to see the available heating elements, please click

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  3. How long does it normally take to make heating elements on order?

    The orders are carried out in the same sequence as we receive them.
    Depending on the amount, the time to fulfil an order varies between 2 and 4 weeks.

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  4. GE/HE heater: what if blue LED blinks ca one per second?

    When you turn on GE or HE heater and blue LED blinks 1 per second please first check are all the pins straight. Please disconnect heater from the mains, remove the controller and check are all pins at the heating element straight. If any of these are bended make it straight using flat-blade screwdriver or pliers. When all pins are straight slide carefully the controller again, then connect to the mains. If everything is ok then red LED starts blinking (for ca 1-2 minutes - heater makes self test). After that heater should start normal operation.

    See video manual:

    If still there's a problem and blue LED blinks please remove whole heater from a radiator and return the heater to a sale point.

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  5. How do you chose the correct heating element for a bathroom radiator?

    Information concerning the choice of the correct heating element for a radiator
    is available under Heating rods for radiators.


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  6. How do you connect a heating element to a bathroom radiator which is connected to a central heating installation?

    In order to connect a heating element to a bathroom radiator which is connected to a central heating system, it is necessary to use a T-piece. Precise information is available under Heating rods for radiators

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  7. I would like to order a heating element. Which parameters do I have to indicate, so that you can prepare an estimate for the heating element?

    List of data which make it easier for us to prepare an estimate:
    -purpose of the heating element / working environment (water, air, gas, oil, other substances),
    -electrical parameters,
    -shape and measurements of the heating element (drawing),
    -type of the electrical connection,
    -type of the head for fixing the heating rod inside the device,
    -possible special requirements,

    Learn more about Connection and installation elements used with heating elements


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  8. Is there a minimum amount of heating elements that I have to order?

    There is no minimum amount. We produce even one single heating rod for you.

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  9. Is it safe to use electrical heating elements?

    Heating elements are usually a component part of a larger device
    (like a washing machine, a cooker, a water-heater etc).

    The instructions of the manufacturer of the device must be observed and only authorized
    services be entrusted with the repairs.

    The same rules apply to heating rods which are to a certain extent independent devices
    (such as the heating rods for bathroom radiators manufactured by our company).

    The operating instructions must absolutely be observed and the heating rod must be connected to the socket with a safety plug.
    If the above rules are observed, it is perfectly safe to use electrical heating rods.

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