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HE electric heater ( Heaters for column and aluminium radiators )

  • Smooth temperature adjustment Smooth temperature adjustment – you can set the temperature you require from 10 do 65°C
  • Energy efficiencyEnergy efficiencyYou can save electric energy thanks to smooth temperature adjustment
  • Environmentally friendly Environmentally friendly thanks to energy efficiency
  • Extraordinary comfort Extraordinary comfort thanks to easy operation and smooth temperature adjustment
  • Anti-freeze function Anti-freeze function – setting the minimum temperature above zero (for example 7 degrees) protects the heater against freezing
  • TURBO function TURBO function – full heating throughout a set period of 1, 2 or 3 hours.
  • Detachable controller Detachable controller – possibility of installing the heating element only (for example during renovation) and attaching the controller after the works are finished.
  • Electronic regulator Electronic regulator – highly advanced electronics in your home that takes care of your COMFORT

HE electric heaters are user-friendly and functional accessories for aluminium and column radiators. The heating element can be installed into the existing central heating radiator or operate independently. They can easily cope with the problem of heating rooms out of the heating season.
The HE heaters are equipped with an electronic regulator which allows for a smooth temperature adjustment within the range of 0–65°C. The HE model also features a Turbo function (activated by pushing the knob) which runs the heater at full setting for a period of 1, 2 or 3 hours. After a set period of time, the heater returns to the temperature set by the knob.

The heating elements of HE heaters are detachable from the controller. To install the heater, screw the heating element in so that the red mark on the head points upwards. Next slide the controller onto the heating element until stop and turn the flange by half turn.
When purchasing a heating element, remember to select it according to the radiator's power. The heating element is screwed into threaded connectors diameter of ½" (300, 600, 900 and 1200 W models) or ¾" (1500 and 2000 W models).
Detailed information on connecting and operating the heaters are provided in the operation manual which can be found inside a box.
Available colours: white, chrome, satin, steel, anthracite.
Available power: 300W (1/2" thread), 600W (1/2" thread), 900W (1/2" thread), 1200W (1/2" thread), 1500W (¾" thread, not detachable heating element) and 2000W (¾" thread, not detachable heating element).

General characteristics of heating elements:

  • working environment: water
  • operating temperature: adjustable within 0–65°C, Turbo mode: 65°C
  • supply voltage: 230 V
  • electrical connection: "UNISCHUKO" plug cable.
  • fastening method: R ½" or 3/4"

Material characteristics:

  • protective tube: copper
  • orifice: brass

Heating element and orifice chrome-plated

  • insulation: MgO (magnesium oxide)
  • coil: Kanthal wire
  • electronic regulator

The heater should be installed by a qualified installer.

Bathroom radiators fitted with electric heaters should be fixed not less than 60 cm from a bath, shower or wash basin, and never above a bath.

For the heater permanently connected (hard wire) there must be applied a cut-off device from the mains. Such a device must disconnect the heater from the supply mains in 2 poles, with contact separation of at least 3 mm.

This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the
hazards involved
Children shall not play with the appliance
Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision

The heater MUST BE DISCONNECTED before cleaning the casing. AVOID SOAKING THE CASING.

One radiator valve must always be open when a heater is in use (liquid thermal expansion)

Electric radiator must be supplied with a safety valve.


Video instruction manual:

HE heater matching table

HE selection

Operation manual – Installation:

HGT heater require a proper diameter (minimum 20mm) of collector where a heating element will be placed.
Please also check a lenght of a collector (Lg). It should be minimum 10cm longer than a lenght of a heating element (L)

HGT przekroj

  1. Prior to screwing the heating element in, spread the Loctite sealant (included) over the half of thread's circumference. A special silicone gasket on the head facilitates setting the thermostat housing upright. The conical gasket does not have to be tightened until resistance is felt. Using the sealant prevents unscrewing the heater when the regulator housing is accidentally hit.

2. Screw the heating element in by means of S22 wrench, while positioning the mark on the head upwards.

3. Before attempting to install the controller, remove the covers from the heating element and the controller.

4. Carefully slide the controller (B) onto the heating element (A)

DO NOT connect to the mains.

5. Finger-tight the locking sleeve until a resistance is felt (half turn)

DO NOT connect to the mains.

Electric radiator
It is recommended to fill the radiator only up to 95% of its capacity, taking into account thermal expansion of water (leave 4–5 cm of air in the manifold). Check the radiator's tightness after filling it up.

Electric radiator must be supplied with a safety valve:

safety valvesafety2

DO NOT connect to the mains.

Central heating radiator

  1. a) When the central heating system operates, it is recommended to disconnect the heating element from the mains or set the knob to "0".
    b) Out of the heating season, when the central heating system does not operate, open the valves and vent the radiator. Following that close one valve (the thermostatic valve).
    Note! Only one valve must be closed.
    DO NOT connect to the mains.

6. Connect the heating element to 230 V power supply.

Have the installation carried out by a qualified electrician.

This equipment requires RCD protection with rated residual operating current not exceeding 30mA. This equipment must be connected to circuit protective conductor (earth)

7. Switching the heating element on.

  • Water presence test, checking the heating element's and the temperature sensor's working efficiency.
  • The test is to be carried out each time following plugging-in and after any power failures.
  • During the test the red LED flashes quickly for approximately 2 minutes. If the red LED flashes for a longer period (over 2 minutes), the test cannot be carried out (the water temperature in the radiator is too high and exceeds 30 degrees)

In order to lower the temperature:
Close one of central heating system's valves
Wait until the temperature in the radiator decreases

If the test is successful, the controller will switch to working mode set by means of the knob. In case of error, the blue LED will be lit

  • Error detection (blue LED is lit)

1. Continuous glowing – heater failure
2. Flashes once per second – temperature sensor failure
3. High frequency flashing – no water in the radiator (check the water level in radiator)

9. Switching the heating element on.

The heating element can be started by setting the knob clockwise, until a LED is lit. Turning the knob to the first position will set the temperature of approx. 7 degrees – anti freezing setting.
Adjustment range: 0–65 (radiator operation, drying or heating). Turning the knob fully counter-clockwise will switch the heating element off.
The knob rotates in steps to avoid selecting an unwanted setting.

The Turbo function can be started by pressing the knob. The heater will operate at full power for 1, 2 or 3 hours.

Press the knob to set the time to 1 hour, twice – to set the time to 2 hours and three times to set the time to 3 hours. Pressing the knob four times deactivated the Turbo function.
After a period set for the Turbo function, the heater returns to the temperature set on the knob.


  • In case of irregularities in the heater operation, first restart the controller by unplugging it from the mains and reconnect it after dozen seconds (Reset).
  • If the heater is still signalling errors, in case of error 1 or 2 (according to the error signalling table) disconnect the power supply, detach the controller, remove the heating element and return the whole assembly to the retail outlet or the manufacturer.
  • In case of error 3 unplug the heater from mains and check for the presence of water in the radiator. After the problem is solved, reconnect the heater to the mains.
  • There is some delay in controller's reaction to setting the knob to lower temperature. It is normal. Instantaneous switching off is possible by setting the knob to "0".
  • Do not disconnect the controller from the heating element when the heater is still plugged into the mains socket.
  • Always use anti-freezing function when the ambient temperature is low.
  • Before attempting to carry out maintenance, disconnect the heating element from the mains socket. Wipe the enclosure with a damp cloth with addition of gentle detergents. Do not use any aggressive agents. Under no circumstances allow the enclosure to be wet.
  • When the heating element is not used, switch it off by turning the knob fully counter-clockwise.
  • This appliance is not intended to be used by persons (including children) having limited physical, sensory or mental abilities and persons inexperienced or not familiar with the appliance, unless supervised or instructed on the appliance use by persons responsible for their safety. Children are not allowed to play with the appliance.
  • Please keep the guarantee.

Guarantee conditions.

The manufacturer grants a guarantee for 24 months starting from the date of sale, but for not longer than 36 months from the date of manufacture. Defects revealed within this period, resulting from a fault of manufacturer, will be removed free of charge or the item will be replaced with a new one, having the same parameters.
The complaints will be dealt with within 14 days from the date of submission to the manufacturer.
The guarantee does not cover:
Using the product incompliant with the instructions.
Any visible damage of the heating element and the programmer, resulting from improper use.
Damaging the seal on the temperature regulator's housing makes the guarantee null and void.


Manufacturer's guarantee covers period of 24 months from the date of sale, but not longer than 36 months from the date of the heater production
The manufacturer defects occurred during this period will be repaired at the manufacturer's cost or the unit will be replaced with a new one with the same parametres. Complaints are considered within 14 days of their receipt.
The Guarantee does not include:
Damaged termal fuse (working without water)
Use of product wihtout reference to the attached instructions
Any visible damage of the heater and controller resulting from misuse
Damage to the manufacturer's seals terminates the guarantee
Warranty card must be legibly filled out at the point of purchase
Any modifications of the warranty terminate its validity
The warranty is valid only with a bill of sale Manufacturer:


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