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Cartridge heaters ( Water boilers and tanks )


The cartridge heaters are used mainly in machines and industrial devices (moulds and tools). They not only heat heavyweight metal elements, but also liquids and gasses. The heating element is a coil inside a fire-resistant ceramic sheath. The entire device is encased by a metal (stainless steel or brass) tube and filled with insulating material (magnesium oxide).

Typical sizes

  • Diameters: 8.0 mm to 50.0 mm
  • Lengths: 50.0 mm to 2000 mm
  • Typical supply voltage: 24 V–230 V
  • Fastening: typically in an opening or by means of a threaded head
  • Heater sheath: acid-proof steel (AISI 321, AISI 316L) or brass tube.
  • Electrical connections: NVS cable (insulation to 400oC) of various length (standard length = 200 mm)
  • Terminals can be protected by a flexible metal braid or conduit.

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