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5/4” thread orifice immersion heaters ( Water boilers and tanks )


Heating elements designed to be immersed in liquids. The protective tube material (copper, nickel-plated copper, acid-proof stainless steel) is selected according to the heater's application and operating characteristics.

The basic models comprise either one or two 5/4” thread orifice heating elements Possibility of using a protective cap

General characteristics of heaters

  • working environment: water, oil, other liquids
  • operating temperature: 100oC to 300oC
  • typical supply voltage: 230 V , 400 V
  • fastening: 5/4" thread orifices
Nickel-plated heating elements with a steel orifice MUST NOT be installed in stainless steel vessels.   (click to learn more)

Our standard immersion heaters (available in our on-line store) must not be installed in vessels made from stainless (acid-proof) materials.
Standard heating elements with steel orifices are prone to electrolytic (galvanic) corrosion.
Combining steel with metal having different electrochemical potential (austenitic stainless steel) and electrolyte (water) causes the less noble metal to dissolve, particularly if its surface is significantly smaller than that of the more noble metal and if the electrolyte temperature is high.
Thus pits will form on the orifice in a relatively short time (from 2 to 6 months, depending on water's chemical composition). This causes the orifice to leak and makes the heater unusable.
The only solution is to use a heating element manufactured from the same material as the vessel. This however can cause intergranular corrosion which is one of the most dangerous type of corrosion. Intergranular corrosion forms on stainless steel along its granular boundaries. It removes grains from the steel surface and thus reduces the wall thickness or disturbs the integrity between particular grains with no visible damage. In case of heating elements this translates to significant current leak and thus activation of a differential current switch, and – if it has not been installed – cracking of the heating element tube.
Heating elements from stainless material are delivered on request only and, taking the above into account, are subject to warranty limitations. The warranty does not cover perforation (current leak) of cracking of the heating element tube.

These heating elements must be installed in a way to maintain electrical contact with the vessel
(do not use packing or sealing tape) and the heating element orifice must be grounded.

Water heating elements. Nickel-plated, encased in a copper tube, steel orifice

Type Length Thread Electrical parameters
5/4'' 1,5 300 R 5/4'' 1500 W/230V
5/4'' 2,0 350 R 5/4'' 2000 W/230V
5/4'' 3,0 370 R 5/4'' 3000 W/230V
5/4" 4,0 430 R 5/4" 2x2000 W/230V

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